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I want to go back to Spain.

I have a train to catch. Let's chase out corrupt politicians! Sir looked at the map on the table. I'll be glad if you will help me.

They sell sugar and salt at that store.

He kept the window closed. I don't want you to get sick. How do we reason with them? Who wrote that? Planning is important. If there were no such thing as display in the world, my private opinion is, and I hope you agree with me, that we might get on a great deal better than we do, and might be infinitely more agreeable company than we are. I'm pretty sure Samir and Hazel don't know each other.

He's desperately trying to make up for the delay. This is not an easy question. How do I get to the post office? I think that's the safest way to do it. An analysis of the nature of the heat island phenomenon and countermeasures. The weather is as fine as can be.

I can hardly stand. I'm waiting to hear from Jef. They take this negative way of protesting against adult domination. Peter wants to disappear. If the loser smiled the winner will lose the thrill of victory. You must be Ritalynne's parents. Pascal used to bake us cookies. They loaded the truck.

The effect of gravity extends from each object out into space in all directions, and for an infinite distance. He sensed that threat early in his career. St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most famous and most recognisable sights in London. Oskar took heaps of photos on his holiday. The president of the republic is chosen by the people. Don't waste your youth, otherwise you'll regret it later. An inferiority complex and a superiority complex often lead to the same behavior. His condition changed for the worse.

Max looked into the mirror all the time he was talking. I lent Meehan a flashlight. Wild animals live in the forest. Sonja is a little older than me. The man is enjoying windsurfing alone. I will play football tomorrow. We should get together sometime. Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu will be hosted today evening by his German counterpart, Mrs. Merkel, in the Federal Chancellor's Office in Berlin.

Do you know anything about his family?

To begin. There is the ordinary Brown Shark, or sea-attorney, so called by sailors. Don't act like you don't know what's happening. Can I say something? This is Kathryn's photo album. I have a round-trip ticket to Osaka. Wolfgang ran his fingers through Anthony's hair. I work every other day: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That's where I work.